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Why I created InspoByDaisy

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

A few weeks ago, I watched the Netflix documentary, "The Social Dilemma," which provides deep insight into our addiction to hand held devices. The time we waste, scrolling on our phones, laptops and Ipads is alarming; we spend hours and hours looking at superficial social media feeds, without realizing what we’re doing. These devices have preempted face to face communication in our society, and this has created significant problems. We are alienated, isolated and become anxious if access to these “toys” is withheld.

Two days after seeing the movie, I dreamed I created a blog, to discuss that and other issues. Watching "The Social Dilemma" prompted me to share ways teens can engage in volunteering; I wanted to encourage people to put their phones down and go out in the world. I thought of writing about the injury that forced me to let go of my passion, Rhythmic Gymnastics. I imagined swimming in the ocean, surrounded by trash, and collecting it to dispose of properly. I felt the need to help rebuild the shelters at the Skaramangas Camp where the refugees in Greece live. I considered my companionship with my two dogs, and aimed to inspire others to adopt stray animals. My overall goal would be to help people become more active and creative, to become less dependent on their phones.

Waking from my dream, I picked up my laptop and searched: "Websites to create a blog page." The irony was not lost on me: I would use social media to help wean us all from abusing it. My blog would be a good platform to describe the many small things that matter, to help improve lives. Taking a dog for a walk, not throwing a plastic bottle into the ocean, or finding a creative outlet, instead of spending unproductive hours and hours on social media. Writing is a wonderful activity, whether it leads to poetry, fiction or a blog. Try it, and please share!

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