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My Year Abroad in Paris Until Now...

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

It’s been a blast... I’m just thinking about the completely new life that I’ve started, and I never actually processed how much has changed; I can still remember myself getting stressed about college, opening college decisions, deciding where to go to college and spending my last summer home, as a young lady yet ready to go in the outer world. It all just seems like a dream until I think about all the new people I’ve met, all the new experiences, my new home, my new life. Studying in Europe was not in the scope for me until USC offered me a plan that I could study my first year in Europe. Of course, I chose Paris because who wouldn’t? And I honestly don’t regret this decision at all. The people I’ve met from all over the world, living in a new country, being independent, having my own responsibilities, taking care of myself is something I was always ready for but never knew what it would be like. I was thinking about writing for a long time, and I decided to because I wanted to share all the thoughts that I’ve had lately.

I’ve been thinking about how when I was in high school, I would always drown my thoughts about where I would go to college rather than spending time with all my people. Of course, coming to college was a good time to look back. I realized that looking forward is good but looking ONLY forward is no good. Living life for every single moment is what matters. Sounds like a paradox but looking back and looking forward is something everyone does.

Arriving in Paris was a very exciting but terrifying feeling. Before arriving, I had already met through social media many people that I knew I’d get along with. But it wasn’t just the people, it was me. I was ready to explore the world, to proceed with what I wanted to focus on my studies and to figure life out. The time I’ve been in Paris has been a great opportunity to reflect on what I want in my life. But this is not why I am writing. I am writing because I love sharing my thoughts, experiences and it simply makes me happy.

Everyone says that college years are the best years of your life. But that really depends on how YOU choose to spend your time in college. College is a good chance to make a balance between work and life. When I first arrived at Paris, I spent most of my time meeting different people, going out for food, hanging out with friends, and exploring the city. As soon as I settled in, I started saving time for myself; I felt like I needed time to think about what I really want to study, small things that give me happiness in life. Without even realizing, waking up in the morning to cook breakfast, taking care of all my things alone, walking to school, getting groceries, planning trips, writing journals, listening to music, reading books, walking by the Eiffel tower, going to the library, the smell of books, lighting up candles, were all things that made me feel satisfied with my life. I used to focus so much on the future, get stressed about it, that I hadn’t realize how much every single moment in life can bring to me. I am blessed to be where I am today, to have a family that supports me, friends all over the world, new friends in Paris and myself not letting me down. Of course, there are still things to work on but that happens with time.

Ultimately, what I wanted to write to whoever is reading is make time for yourself. Everyone deserves to find out what makes them happy. I also wanted to say that taking every opportunity you are given is life changing. Find that person that motivates you when you’re feeling tired to leave the house, write down your thoughts, make time for walks, enjoy the sun, read things that you enjoy, smile at your neighbor, spread happiness.

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