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How a Delayed Flight Turned Me from a Book Loather to a Page Turner: Books & Boarding passes

Ah, the complex relationship between Daisy and books. If books had feelings, they'd most certainly file for a restraining order against me. Yes, it was that serious. I used to look at a book and instantly feel the urge to do anything else.

However, times have changed, and so have I. These days, I'm the one initiating conversations about books, asking people what they're currently reading. Surprisingly, many just chuckle, assuming I can't be serious.

I once thought that reading was universal—because it has been so transformative for me. But I understand now that you might be one of those who hasn't yet discovered the joys of reading. So let me explain how a single delayed flight turned me from a book sceptic into an avid reader.

The French Connection: The Day I Got "Book-Smacked"

Picture this: me, stuck in Paris because my flight's six hours delayed. Not the glam Paris experience, right?

Six long hours in the airport presented me with two choices: scroll through TikTok and Instagram until my phone died, or engage in something more rewarding. I decided to read a book—start to finish. That book was "Ugly Love" by Colleen Hoover, and it altered my relationship with reading forever.

Don't Just Get a Book, Get The Book

Once I finished "Ugly Love," I couldn't contain my excitement. I kept telling everyone, "You have to read this book, RIGHT NOW!" But you might wonder, "How do I even begin to choose my first book?"

Well, let me start by telling you how not to do it: Do not, under any circumstance, treat your first bookstore visit like a supermarket sweep, piling your cart high with an avalanche of books. You'll return home, feel overwhelmed, and suddenly those books will start collecting dust, sentenced to an eternal life on the shelf.

Think of it as dating. You wouldn't go all in on the first date, would you? Be discerning. Choose a genre that genuinely interests you. I started with romance because I've always enjoyed love stories, but over time my tastes broadened. Now I find psychological thrillers irresistible. The key is to also pick an author whose writing style is accessible, making the read more enjoyable and less like a chore.

Beyond the bookshelf

Since I've begun reading, my life feels richer, as if I've unlocked a new level in the game of life. Reading offers more than just an escape; it's like a ticket into new worlds. You'll find that as you get into reading, your mind explores so many more places that you didn’t even know you can think about because you imagine and create all the characters in your own mind and everyone has their own unique experience when reading a book, complete with passionate debates about characters and plot twists.

So no, I'm not saying you have to become a reading fanatic. But I can promise that once you delve into a good book, you'll discover a new dimension of life.

The next time you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through tiktok, consider picking up a book instead. It might just spark a new passion in your life, just as it did for me during that long wait at a Parisian airport.

A Quick PSA on Must-Reads

Before I go, let me drop some titles that you absolutely should read. My recommendations may change as time goes on (they usually do), but for now: if you're into suspense and psychology, go for "The Silent Patient." If you're looking for a love story with an insane plot twist, "Verity" is your pick. And if you're entirely new to this, start with the "A Good Girl's Guide to Murder" trilogy. Trust me; you won't regret it.

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