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"One wing will not carry us- we need two to go far and soar high"

Every year, my school organizes a speech competition- the Delta Speech. All senior students take place in the rhetoric competition and this year's annual theme was "Patriotism". My speech qualified for the finals and I earned the first place. It was a once in a lifetime experience- I was able to express my feelings and thoughts about my country's past which is truly important to me. Our ancient philosophers have been a true inspiration for me which will always guide me through life. The past is still alive, and we have to continue to build it, strengthen it and of embrace it. I feel honored to be part of this wonderful country and I feel proud to be greek.

My speech focuses on the importance of translating the virtues of the past in our own unique way. I used the Winged Victory of Samothrace's wings as two symbols of the past and the present to portray how we cannot fly with just one wing-but we always need two. In this way, the two wings meet.

Enjoy the speech:)

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