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A Love Story

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I always wanted a dog, my own dog. When my family decided to get one, I was super excited. We got Duffy when I was eight and after two years, we got Luna. I didn't really spend much time with them until my brother and sister went to university and all of a sudden, my house felt completely empty. Since then, I have created a very special relationship with both of my dogs. They are always in my house to keep me company and lay beside me. Spending more time with them, made me feel the need to take more care of them. I started taking them on walks, washing them and playing more with them. I realized the difference between owning a dog and building a companionship with one.

Today, the love I feel for my dogs cannot be described. I've understood the need that dogs have for love and affection. It's not enough to just take your dog for a walk. You can build a strong bond with your dog if you share this experience with him. You have to let your dog smell the grass so that he can sense information about the environment. My dogs have a specific spot that they always want to go to whenever I take them on walks. They remember exactly where it is and if I don't go towards the spot, they will let me know that they want to go there. It is so amazing to see what animals are able to do. Unlike people, a dog will never forget you. Whenever I leave my home for a long time, as soon as I come back, the dogs immediately understand who I am and welcome me back.

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