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My Journey with Refugees From Skaramangas Camps in Greece

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

When I was assigned to write an article concerning my country, I decided to write about refugees. It was the first thing that came to my mind since the refugee crisis in Greece is a major problem. Through my research I found out that 50,000 refugees live in Greece, 30,000 of which have lost their families on their way here. I discovered that there are young children, here in Athens, that have lost their families and don't even speak the Greek language. Also, many people in the camps speak different languages so it is difficult for them to communicate with each other. For days, this made me think about, how difficult this could be for all the refugees and it was what prompted and encouraged me to help them adapt and become part of our society.

I decided to organize an event at Eurohoops Dome in collaboration with UNICEF and Barcelona Foundation, where young boys from Skaramangas Camps in Greece would come and play basketball. Volunteer coaches were also there to guide the boys. The purpose of the event was the integration of children in our society, showing in practice that solidarity has no national borders. The day was dedicated to the 40 refugee children that played basketball with us. This event spread love to these children who truly need it and it made me happy to see them smile. These kind of moments will keep reminding me of how important it is to share love and kindness while I can.

I welcomed the boys into the stadium. They were so proud when they marched two by two holding hands in the court. It warmed my heart to watch these boys smiling, holding hands as if they knew each other for years-it was so inspiring. I really appreciate how much these children have tried to overcome obstacles in their lives and what they have accomplished despite what they have been through.


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