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Beach Clean-Up

Last Sunday, I organized a clean-up at Mavro Lithari Beach that volunteers could register to

attend on my blog page. I was delighted to see so many students from my school arrive with cloth sacks and recyclable trash bags. At first glance we didn’t see much litter on the beach, but once we looked through the trees and the bushes, we found cigarette butts, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, baby wipes, tissues, flip flops, food containers and even diapers. We also uncovered numerous plastic bags and bottles buried in the sand. Together, we filled more than 20 recycling sacks with all of the trash people discarded on the beach. The volunteers felt great about making the effort to improve our waterfront, even if we all know it will get dirty again quickly.

I am forever perplexed by how much our society harms the environment. Humans created the problem and now we must solve it, making the world safer and more sustainable. Cleaning every beach in Athens will be exhausting, but I will continue my efforts. Check the blog to see the next clean-up event I post.

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